Virtual Coding Classes

Online Coding Classes for Children

Race Hub offers Virtual coding classes for children. Millions of students have learned to write in actual programming languages. We provide a fun and engaging curriculum for schools, after-school groups, camps with a a self-paced instructor led coding classes.

Online Coding Classes for Kids

Online Coding Classes for Kids

Online Coding Classes for Kids

Wondering what we offer?

Race Hub offers the most engaging and successful live online coding workshops for kids. Our coding lessons are designed to provide children with the programming knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed in the digital age. We aren't simply another organization that has lately begun offering online classes. From the beginning, our curriculum was designed to be the most effective and enjoyable online coding education for kids. From our curriculum to our teachers to our technologies, we've mastered virtual learning. Our organized curriculum was created and is being polished to be taught online with interesting graphics and engaging tasks that keep youngsters interested even when they are not in the classroom.

Our Instructors

Our instructors have received comprehensive training in order to teach online and to deliver a positive and effective experience both within and outside the virtual classroom, as well as ongoing assistance. Our computer programs for kids include hands-on learning projects that they will love! Children progress to the next level as they learn each programming ability. Every coding class builds on the previous one, ensuring that students finish with a broad understanding of coding abilities and a portfolio of interesting, functional web pages and apps.

The Future Starts Here

The most entertaining and effective way for your child to learn programming is through Race Hub's online coding workshops for kids. We are dedicated to providing your child with a significant academic, social, and technological advantage. Here's how we work our special magic:

Professional development

Hackathon is a great introduction to showcase new ideas. This activity provides a fun interactive way to problem solving.  Students peel back the layers of what happens inside computers and how computers communicate with one another online.

How does our course stand-a-part?

Classroom Management

This session is a great way for young students to learn coding fundamentals. Students employ colorful drag-and-drop coding blocks to create customized animations and classic games.

Why Choose Race Hub?

→ Exceptional teachers result in exceptional results.

→ A Well-Ordered Curriculum which meets advanced technology

→ Programming Tools for Professionals

→ Extensive Outside-of-the-Classroom Support

Aligning with technology

An excellent way to cultivate interest in STEM as well as encourage problem solving skills, teamwork & creativity is to design, build and program working robots. Create robots that do interesting tasks such as traverse a maze, climb stairs or walls!