Explore the Wonders of Learning: 32 STEM Activities that Ignite Curiosity in Preschoolers

32 Stem Activities for Pre Schoolers

In a world driven by technology and innovation, fostering an early love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in preschoolers has become essential. 

Preschool is a time for developing a strong STEM foundation. These are the perfect way to ignite curiosity and set the stage for a lifetime discovery. Experimenting with different science activities, and technological innovations, and fostering engineering skills, let your preschoolers understand the world around them with curiosity. These foundational areas are more than just subjects but are the pathways that are never too early to explore. 

As a parent or caregiver, it might be overwhelming to explore the resources to approach STEM education in preschool years. RaceHub is a platform that offers a treasure trove of educational material focused on age-appropriate STEM for preschoolers. Carefully curated activities are designed to spark curiosity, creativity, and love for learning in young minds. Join us as we delve into a world of 35 STEM activities for preschoolers that help you explore the curiosity in your kid.

  • Preschool STEM Activities

Engaging your young minds at an early age results in great discovery and wonders. STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) activities for preschoolers are designed to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning through hands-on experiences and to ignite curiosity. Empowering your child to explore, question, experiment, and develop critical thinking, stem activities for preschoolers also help them understand their interest.

From science adventures to exciting technological explorations, engineering projects, and math marvels, stem education for kids offers a holistic approach to education. In that field, RaceHub is nurturing budding scientists, engineers, tech avengers, and mathematicians to embrace the world of possibilities that STEM has to offer.

stem activities

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  • Explore Science Adventures

Embark your child on a journey of scientific exploration to unravel science mysteries. Through engaging in experiments and witnessing the chemical reactions, young preschoolers observe a sense of wonder. Here are a few science activities for preschoolers to encourage them in this amazing STEM field.

kids science adventures

  • Rainbow milk experiment

Teach your kid about the liquid surface tension and the chemical reactions. Fill a shallow dish with milk and add a few drops of food color. Take a cotton swab soaked in the dishwasher and gently touch the surface. Let your kid observe the colorful swirls creating a vibrant rainbow effect. 

rainbow milk experiment

  • Nature scavenger hunt

Play finding in nature with your kid. Take them outdoors and give them a list of nature items that may include leaves, flowers, stones, or even insects. Ask them to find these items and encourage their observation skills. This helps them understand the diversity of nature.

Nature scavenger hunt

  • Sink or float

Using a variety of objects, introduce the concept of floating and sinking to your child. Use a cork, paper clip, or a small plastic toy and ask your child to predict whether it will float or sink in water. Drop the object into a container and describe the concept of buoyancy and density. It is one of the great STEM activities for preschoolers to gain science knowledge.

sink float experiment

  • Mini Volcano

Create a mini volcano by simply adding baking soda to a small container and putting some vinegar over it. Let your kid watch the volcanic eruption and introduce them to a simple chemical reaction.

mini volcano

  • Seed germination

Give your child a cup filled with soil and plant a seed with them. Water that plant and ask them to monitor it regularly. Encourage them to observe changes and this activity teaches them about the plant life cycle.

seed germination kids

  • Shadow play

On a cold sunny day, take your kid outside and have fun with the shadow by standing in different positions and observing the changes in shadow. Discuss this concept of shadow with them.

kids shadow playing

  • Magnet Exploration

Exploring magnetic variations in various objects is an exciting activity for kids. Let them explore and experiment with different magnets and they will learn about the properties of magnetics. Unlock the joy of learning through easy STEM challenges.

kids magnet exploration

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  • Ice Exploration

Freeze small objects and toys in ice cubes and let your child release that object using a tool or melting the ice. This teaches them the properties of ice and the process of melting.

KIDS toys exploration

  • Color Mixing

Introduce primary colors to your kids and encourage them to mix them to create secondary colors. This is a hands-on way to introduce color theory. 

color mixing experiment

  • Introduce Technological Explorations

In a world driven by technology, there is a massive increase in technology essentials. Introducing your preschoolers to the tech world allows them to become digital creators, using tablets, computers, and interactive simple apps to bring their imaginative world to life. Here are a few most relevant technology-related STEM activities for kids and preschoolers that will give them a sneak peek into the language of computers.

  • Coding With Colors

Use colored blocks or stickers to represent basic coding commands. Guide them to arrange all these in sequence through a simple obstacle course.  Explore RaceHub’s Code Master Program crafted for kids 6-14 years old.

Coding With Colors 

  • Digital Drawing

Introduce simple drawing apps on tablets or computers to explore new shapes through digital artwork. Introducing digital drawings is among the remarkable STEM activities for preschoolers that help in recognizing shapes and colors as well.

kids using digital drawing apps

  • Interactive Storytelling

use digital storytelling apps where kids can choose their own characters, settings, and actions to create their own interactive stories.

kids digital story telling

  • Voice Recording

Using simple voice recording apps, let your kid record their voice. They can tell stories, sing songs, or even make funny sounds. This is one of the easy STEM activities that make learning joyful.

kids voice recording

  • Robotics Parties

With the help of programmable robotic toys that respond to commands, introduce your child to the concept of robotics and mechanics. Their movements and creating specific patterns help introduce the properties of motion. 

kids robotics parties

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  • Augmented Reality Exploration

Augmented Reality is a new concept but never too early to introduce it to your kid. With simple AR apps, let your kid interact with the virtual world through their device camera and enjoy the amazing STEM activities for preschoolers.

Augmented Reality Exploration

  • Simple Animation

Introduce basic animation apps where kids can create simple animations by moving characters frame by frame. Simple animation has now become one of the preschool STEM activities.

Simple Animation

  • Sorting With Apps

Use free sorting games or apps with your preschoolers to develop their understanding of concepts like size, color, and shape.

Sorting With Apps

  • DIY

Engage kids in a simple engineering project that is completely DIY ( do it yourself). For instance, creating a stand or table using cardboard and tape is a great preschool STEM project.

Kids observing a science lab project at home

Designing and testing with Engineering Explorations

Engineering is all about creativity, problem-solving, and exploration. Preschoolers can become mini engineers by learning simple mechanics. Learning about balance, stability, structural integrity, and simple machines gives them hands-on fun while empowering them to think critically and creatively. Let’s explore a few basic engineering activities for preschoolers.

  • Building A Bridge

Challenge your kid to build a bridge using craft sticks and playdough. Support small objects or guide them while encouraging them to experiment with different designs. These STEM activities for preschoolers nurture young minds for better stability and understanding.

kids bridge building

  • Engineering With Marshmallow Shapes

Use toothpicks and marshmallows and construct anything with your kids. This helps spark creative engineering in them.  These can be unique STEM crafts for preschoolers.

Engineering With Marshmallow Shapes

  • Paper Airplane Challenge

Blend fun with engineering by creating paper airplanes with your kids. This activity lets them learn about aerodynamics by creating and testing various paper plane designs. 

Paper Airplane Challenge

  • Roller Coaster

Ignite interest in physics and motion with a simple roller coaster activity. Help your child create tracks using cardboard tubes, tapes, and marbles. Ask them to observe the momentum and gravity. 

roller coaster

  • Stacking Challenge

Provide your child with various blocks and invite them to construct the tallest tower by stacking the blocks without them topping over. This encourages critical thinking and fine motor skills. These carefully created STEM activities for preschoolers strike curiosity and critical thinking.

kids book tower

  • Design A Parachute

Defining a concept of science and engineering, design a parachute using materials like plastic bags and string. Let your preschoolers design and test parachutes for small toys, and learn about air resistance.

kids design a parachute

  • Nature Engineers

Take your preschoolers outside to gather natural materials like sticks, leaves, and stones. Challenge them to build unique sculptures, fostering creativity and innovation.

Engineering With Marshmallow Shapes

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Excel in Maths Marvels

Mathematics is a language of shapes, patterns, and numbers. Engage your child in the activities to develop number sense, counting skills, and basic recognition. From shape hunts to creating patterns, mathematics activities help build a solid foundation to evolve rapidly. Let’s explore some amazing preschool activities for little mathematicians. 

  • Shape Hunt

From squares and circles to triangles and rectangles, this hands-on adventure transforms learning geometry into an exciting treasure hunt. Let natural curiosity lead with the STEM-building activities for preschoolers.

shape hunt stem activity

  • Counting With Objects

Transform ordinary objects into valuable math tools. From counting colorful buttons to grouping toys in sets, this activity nurtures fundamental counting skills while fostering a sense of accomplishment. This is one of the amazing STEM activities for 3-year-olds.

objects counting

  • Pattern Mixing

Ask your child to arrange beads, blocks, or stickers, this activity nurtures pattern-recognition skills while encouraging artistic expression. 

pattern mixing

  • Measuring With Fun

Turn measurement into fun using non-standard units like paper clips. Foster the understanding of measurement and sizes with the idea of more, less, and equal. These measuring STEM activities for 4-year-olds embrace curiosity and imagination.

kids measuring objects

  • Number Bingo

Play number bingo with your kids for number recognition. This interactive game not only reinforces number recognition but also cultivates a positive association with math. Embrace these STEM activities for preschoolers in their lives and encourage analytical thinking.

number bigo

  • Shape Collages

Arrange cut-out shapes into stunning compositions and let your children explore the characteristics of each shape while practicing spatial awareness.

shape collage

  • Cooking Counting

Encourage your preschooler to actively participate in measuring and counting ingredients while cooking their favorite meal. This builds confidence to apply math to everyday tasks. 

cooking counting

  • Number Line Jump

It is a physical activity that engages children to jump to different numbers as you call them out. This helps develop a kinesthetic connection to numerical concepts. 

kids number line jump

  • Nature Math

Let your preschoolers count natural items such as leaves, stones, flowers, and flower petals, and apply their math skills to real life. 

nature count

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  • Wrap UP

As we conclude the discussion through these engaging activities, it is evident that learning is not confined to classrooms. Involve your child in early childhood STEM activities to cultivate a love for learning. Through exploration, innovation, and hands-on experimenting, your kid grasps the fundamental knowledge of science, tech, engineering, and math. Fostering a positive relationship with learning from an early age, let’s ignite a spark that guides your young kids through a lifetime of discovery and achievement. These STEM activities for preschoolers are laying a strong foundation for future innovators with a deeper understanding of the world around them.