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R-Community: Race Hub After Dark.


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Supporting Project~Now, YICG’s commitment to social & environmental causes

A unique collaboration which brings innovative activities

As part of Race Hub’s R-Community initiative we are proud to bring Race Hub After Dark

Event Details:

Day/Date: Weeknights

Time: 6 PM to 8-30 PM

Duration: 1 hour

Race Hub Experience:

Race Hub After Dark brings together unique racing experiences, this session will be filled with group and individualized activities.

Sample an experience like no other with bracket racing, drivers are stationed on the 1/24 scaled road course to compete.  Do you like being a mechanic, a driver, pit crew or crew chief?   Come find out who will win.

RC road course:

Navigate like camp. Create your experience by selecting your vehicle and taking through the road-course.

  • Participate in a monster jam style rally
  • Group relay, R-500 dash ( two team race head-to-head,  6 racers battle it out in a relay, sprint where each racer competes two laps)

Final round:  Winning teams go head to head. Fastest car wins?