Lego Builders Club

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Lego Builders Club

The Lego Builders Club is a creative and collaborative program designed for enthusiasts and aspiring builders of all ages to come together and explore the limitless possibilities of Lego building. Through hands-on workshops, challenges, and interactive sessions, members of the club will enhance their problem-solving skills, foster creativity, and build lasting friendships with like-minded individuals, all while developing a passion for the world of Lego.

Perfect for Children of all ages



Program Highlights:

    • Enhanced Creativity and Imagination: Members have the freedom to explore their creativity and develop their imagination by building unique creations with Lego bricks.
    • Improved Problem-Solving Skills: Regular challenges and group projects provide opportunities to tackle complex problems, encouraging critical thinking and analytical abilities.
    • Teamwork and Collaboration: Working together on group projects and participating in team-based activities fosters a sense of camaraderie and teaches valuable teamwork skills.
    • Sense of Achievement and Pride: Members experience a sense of accomplishment as they complete challenging builds and see their ideas come to life.
    • Building Lasting Friendships: The club provides a platform for like-minded Lego enthusiasts to connect, bond, and form enduring friendships based on shared interests.
    • Access to Diverse Resources: Members gain access to a wide range of Lego sets and building materials, as well as mentorship from experienced builders.
    • Opportunities for Recognition: The club rewards members for their achievements and contributions, boosting confidence and motivation.
    • Social Impact: Through community engagement and charitable projects, the club encourages members to make a positive difference in society.

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Program conducted by grade/age group | Year-Round Program  |  Classes held onsite for 1hr / wk | Students can enroll at any time

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4:15PM – 5:15PM, 5:15PM – 6:15PM

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  • Robototic components. Selective focus.

  • Side view of building kit with colorful peices in box for group of three multiracial kids creating toys. Close up of interested friends working on project, having positive emotions and joy.

  • From above view of hands of incognito children taking details out of box and working on project. Colorful pieces from building kit for group of kids on table. Concept ofs cience engineering.

  • Selective focus of emotional smiling caucasian girl showing piece, working on project, using colorful parts of building kit for toys, creating robot on table. Concept of science engineering.

  • Selective focus of lovely caucasian boy working on project, taking colorful parts to create robot, having positive emotions and joy. Front view of building kit for kids. Science engineering.