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Game Design and Development 101 with Unreal Engine

$1,049.00 available on subscription

Age: 13 – 17

Skill Level: Beginner–Advanced

Format: Small-Group, On-Campus

Duration: Weeklong program, 8 hours per day

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About Game Development for Kids

Get an in-depth look at professional video game design using some of the industry’s hottest tools. In Unreal Engine 5, you’ll build a level with customizable gameplay elements such as teleporters, jump pads, and platforms using UE5’s Blueprints Visual Scripting system. Import your Blender models into Unreal, then design a fully realized world of your own making. Work together with friends to create your game with win/lose conditions, unique level design, and custom 3D models. Leave this comprehensive course with your own professionally designed level to showcase in your portfolio.

Topics Covered in Game Development Program for Kids

  • Implement Blueprints and gameplay mechanics
  • Create and design your own 3D levels
  • Learn about world design and mapping
  • Develop and test your own game from start to finish

Portfolio-Boosting Diploma & Transcript

At the conclusion of your child’s course, they will receive an official diploma and course transcript outlining the skills they learned over the course of the week.

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