Cybersecurity Program for Children

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Program Synopsis:

The increasing threat of complex cyberattacks puts global business and urban infrastructure networks at constant risk of data breaches and catastrophic failure. That’s why more and more companies and government agencies are seeking to hire individuals with the specialized technical skills needed to analyze risk and defend mission-critical computer systems, networks, cloud applications, urban infrastructure, and more against cyberattacks. This course will teach the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity and acquire the core skill set that so many employers and agencies seek. Enroll today in Race Hub’s techX Cybersecurity Program. This program provides an overview of concepts, strategies, and skills to protect enterprise computer systems against cyberattacks. It features personalized feedback from learning facilitators as well as assignments that help you develop your newly gained cybersecurity skills. Gain in-demand cybersecurity skills and advance your college and career prospects with ace Hub’s techX Cybersecurity Program.

Key Takeaways:

Build a foundation and explore concepts of computer security systems and their operation

  • Learn how to identify and test vulnerabilities
  • Identify the key components and sequences of cybersecurity frameworks
  • Team work and design permitter policies
  • Collaborate in group of 2 to 4 students

Expand your knowledge

  • Gain knowledge of privacy laws, regulatory agencies, and security resources—and the types of protection they provide
  • Analyze cybersecurity processes
  • Gain real-world insights from current cybersecurity professionals

Apply your learnings

  • Apply cybersecurity concepts to real organizations and cyberattack scenarios


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5:00PM – 6:00PM

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