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Coding and AI Academy: C++ Game Programming and Algorithms

$4,399.00 available on subscription

Age: 13 – 18

Skill Level: Beginner–Advanced

Format: Small-Group, On-Campus

Duration: Two-week program

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About This Course

Open the door to the vast world of programming and development by learning the syntax of C++. Develop games with 2D graphics and custom controls throughout the session as you master this essential programming language.

As you continue into your second week, make your games smarter with algorithms crucial to game development, using simulations and specialized mechanics. Whether you choose to build games or apps or just want a head start for college, C++ can get you there.

Topics Covered

  • Read user input and print formatted output
  • Implement a game loop
  • Create your own games and apps utilizing simulations and interactions

Portfolio-Boosting Diploma & Transcript

At the conclusion of your child’s course, they will receive an official diploma and course transcript outlining the skills they learned over the course of the week.

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