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ACCEL Program 01

ACCEL Program

Race Hub’s ACCEL™ program was built from the ground up. Our tracks are influenced by the collective minds of our past and present. Race Hub offers a proprietary program that brings (1/24 ) scaled road course and drag strip for those inner racers interested in learning about the core principles of racing. An enrichment program for students powered by S.T.E.A.M. activities through individualized and group projects in an exclusive state-of the-art racing facility. Each car is an extension of the student.

C360 Program 02

C360 Program

Throughout the school year, we offer weekly after-school programs. The programs are catered to each student and can begin as early as the foundational level all the way to a more advanced, expert level. Our programs are for students of any age (starting as early as age 5) and all skill levels and progress through a variety of languages from Scratch to Python, Javascript & Java, to the fundamentals of Robotics and Engineering, to the latest trends seen through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more. We also offer tracks of technology and business courses for families and adults.

Race Hub Juniors 03

Race Hub Juniors

Technology and Design Camps for Artists and Engineers
Holiday and Summer campers immerse themselves in a world of coding, robotics, drones, and design. Our camps are perfect for students who have great imaginations, enjoy solving challenges or simply love technology. Moreover, summer and holiday camps are a great way to gain insight into our year-round curriculum. Find the perfect fit for your child’s interest and skill level. Camp Ages: 5-16

Camps & Clinics 04

Camps & Clinics

We also offer specialized programs catering to topics that resonate with students of all ages. Topic specific learning focuses on STEM activities which include: Robotics, Advanced Drone Concepts, IoT, Corporate training, Engineering and Application Development across the latest consumer device platforms.

Our Approach


We have a hands-on approach through a proprietary curriculum, from the foundational level starting as early as age 5 to more advanced levels (for all ages)


All students deserve to be engaged in their educational journey and inspired to do what they love. We recognize the critical correlation between educational engagement and future achievement.This is why we build individualized and project based learning or each student. We offer a year round core curriculum, along with camps (summer and holiday), along with specialized programs.


The world of technology is ever changing. By rounding out their curriculum and teaching complex thinking skills, we provide students with the key foundations on how to leap forward.


With careful consideration of who our learners are, we design individualized lessons for each student rather than a one size fits all approach. In conjunction with individualized learning and done together in an interactive team setting, our method inspires critical thinking, creativity,


Project- based learning pushes students to think boldly about how lessons completed in class connects to the world beyond school. Our program framework inspires critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration with teachers, students, and community members.


Through our programs, we nurture positive qualities, such as empathy, optimism, or forgiveness, and give students a chance to use them. We teach by example, which is an effective approach for our students.

Your Instructor

Your Instructor