STEAM – Math activity to spark creativity and curiosity

Crayones cera

STEAM activities are designed to develop children’s ability to investigate, plan and redesign. When a child is encouraged to satisfy their curiosity, they develop the perseverance to achieve goals related to their natural talents. Below you will find a math activity that nurtures creativity and curiosity.

Using crayons to order numbers

With crayons of different lengths, paper, and glue, you can prepare a fun math activity for kids. Preparing the game with your child is great for fine motor development, and when it’s finished, you can start the activity and have an amazing time together. Ordering numbers seems simple enough, but it is the perfect activity for children who are in the early stages of developing their number skills.

To do the math activity for your children you will need:

  • 9 crayons of different lengths (shortest - longest)
  • Paper
  • Black pen
  • Glue
  • Bag for sorting the crayons

Start by folding a piece of paper around one end of each crayon and attach it with a dab of glue. Write a number on each piece of paper, with 1 being for the shortest crayon and 9 being for the longest. Once the crayons are labeled with their corresponding numbers, put them in the bag and place a blanket on a table or the floor. Ask your child to take a crayon out of the bag and place it on the blanket and, after the first turn, ask him to take another; depending on the length of the first crayon, suggest that he place it to the right if it is longer or to the left, if it is shorter. Continue the activity and encourage your child to realize that the lengths of the crayons are proportional to the number ordering structure, with the shortest being the smallest number and the longest being the largest. Guide your child to focus on the numbers and learn how they correspond to each other.

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