Coding Class Schedule


Program conducted by grade/age group | Year-Round Program  |  Classes held onsite for 1 hr / wk | Students can enroll at any time

Well-rounded Computer Science & Technology program, with a progression of skills from Foundational to Expert level providing students with exposure to all aspects of STEM learning.

Covering topics in:

STEM | Coding | Robotics | Blockchain | ML/Ai | Video Technology | Cybersecurity | Web & App Dev | Game Development | Engineering


  • Broad depth of skills in programming languages
  • Collaborative hands-on experience in Robotics & Engineering
  • Focus on design and real world use cases
  • Fun activities to develop critical thinking skills through Observation, Analysis, Inference, Communication & Problem-Solving
  • Develop life-long skills such as Project Ideation and Development, Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Code Masters: Coding Classes For Children

Code Masters is an engaging and comprehensive coding program designed specifically for students in grades 1-8. Our program aims to introduce children to the world of coding, develop their computational thinking skills, and empower them to become confident creators in the digital age. Through interactive lessons, hands-on projects, and creative problem-solving activities, we inspire students to unlock their potential and become the next generation of tech-savvy innovators.

We provide a solid foundation in coding by introducing students to fundamental concepts such as algorithms, loops, conditionals, variables, and functions. Our program emphasizes hands-on learning experiences, allowing students to apply their coding knowledge to real-world projects.

Perfect for Children in Grades 1 – 9


Program Highlights:

  • Introduction to Coding Concepts
  • Hands-on Coding Projects
  • Progressive Curriculum
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Coding Competitions and Showcases
  • Industry Insights and Guest Speakers


Code Masters is a dynamic coding program that equips students in grades 1-8 with the essential skills and mindset to thrive in the digital world. By introducing them to coding concepts, fostering creativity, and promoting collaborative problem-solving, we empower students to become confident coders and creators. Join us on this exciting journey of exploration, innovation, and endless possibilities!


See How Coding Can Help Develop Problem Solving Skills

Coding skills are among the most in-demand in today’s job market—get your real-world experience with this introduction to computational thinking.

Open the door to the vast world of programming and development by learning the syntax of C++. Develop games with 2D graphics and custom controls throughout the session as you master this essential programming language.

JavaScript is used in 95% of all websites in the world. Utilize this powerful language to learn the fundamentals of coding while building engaging, interactive games!

Build your own interactive and imaginative programs in a visual coding language designed by the MIT Media Lab.

If you had to choose between a computer or a doctor to detect and analyze early signs of cancer, which would you choose?

Discover the intersection of coding and graphics! Using Java, one of the world’s most popular coding languages, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming through building arcade style games.

Roblox is one of the fastest-growing game creation platforms on the planet, with more than 100 million players per month and top developers making over $1 million a year.

Dive into the world of autonomous robotics with the Sphero RVR, a durable, versatile, programmable robot that’s ready to go right out of the box.

Dig into the Minecraft source code to explore the fundamentals of Java, one of the most popular programming languages on the planet!

Learn the fundamentals of Java, one of the most relevant and long-standing programming languages in the world today. Java has dozens of uses, from game development to business apps.

Come join us for web development workshop. Workshop begins 5:15pm – 6pm @ Race Hub . This is a free event. Workshop / Session dates: April 3rd , 2023

Great introductory coding program for young innovators! In this program, students will dive into programming logic with block based coding and a creative learning environment developed by MIT Media Lab.

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Reviews from Happy Parents
Jennifer Gams
Group 1321316176
Race Hub has been an absolutely amazing activity for my son. He is in pre-k and is very excited to attend his weekly classes. He asks every day if it’s Robotics day! We did a camp over the winter break and it was phenomenal!! The staff and owner are extremely friendly and great with the kids! My son will definitely be attending this program for years to come! I highly suggest everyone check them out!
Reema Butala
Group 1321316176
I’m a bit of a Type A mom and have been researching coding options for my 7 yo twins for months now. After being disappointed with several offerings, we bumped into the lovely owners of Race Hub at a local Long Island fair and enrolled our kids right away. We have been thrilled with the innovative location and the progress we have witnessed in a few short weeks. We are excited for the camps during the school breaks.
Sujeeta Bhatt
Group 1321316176
My son has been taking virtual Scratch lessons through Race Hub and it is such an improvement over any of his previous coding classes. The individualized attention he receives at Race Hub has allowed him to progress at a faster pace than in his previous group classes. The individual lesson so means that the focus is on the coding itself vs. on keeping the class on track. Overall, a fantastic experience!
Melissa Wallentin
Group 1321316176
Amazing opportunity for our kids to learn STEAM projects with robots. Super hands-on and great communication with the little ones! Space was clean, open, and safe, with lots of space for racing tracks and driving courses for the robots! Thank you for the A+++ experience!

A Bright Future Starts with Coding

At RaceHub, our coding classes for kids are designed to help them take the first step toward a bride and Technology profession future. We introduce young Minds to the world of coding while keeping them engaged, empowered, and above all fun. Embracing the joyful activity to engage in creating problem-solving and exploring the fascinating realm of coding lessons for kids. 

Interactive and Fun Learning Coding

Coding is not just about programming, it’s about creativity and fun. Offering kids coding classes for different ages, we ensure to offer the right level of challenge and support. We are not just teaching code, we are inspiring young innovators. Let your child embrace the world of coding, at our Syosset coding school for kids.

Age-Appropriate Tailored Curriculum

Our customized curriculum is designed to understand and meet the unique needs of children providing an encouraging environment to thrive. Whether a beginner or had some prior experience our curriculum is carefully crafted to cater to the needs. Designed to consider development stage and interest we ensure the kid receives an education with diversity and expert mentorship. We, with our coding courses for kids, equip them with valuable tech skills. 

Building More Than Code

More than just lines of text coding is a tool that fosters creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Our online coding classes for kids go beyond the basics, helping a child to develop essential life skills that serve them well in their future career endeavors.

RaceHub’s Coding Classes: A Path to a Brighter Future

RaceHub’s coding classes for kids offer an opportunity to empower with a skill that is not only in high demand but also unlock countless doors of opportunities. Offering a convenient learning environment your child can explore their coding interest under the supervision of dedicated instructors. Trust RaceHub for your child’s digital journey. 

Unleash your child’s potential by joining RaceHub’s coding classes for kids today and witness the transformation of embarking them on the journey of learning creativity and limitless possibilities. Don’t wait to empower your child’s potential. Join our coding camps for kids near Syosset, NY and foster the skill set while discovering the exciting world of technology and innovation.