Celebrate National STEM Day: Discover the ACCEL Program Where Racing Meets STEM Education


On National STEM Day, we celebrate the spirit of innovation and the pursuit of knowledge that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) embodies. It’s a day to inspire the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and leaders.

For many parents, when it comes to STEM education, they might first think of activities such as programming or robotics. However, behind STEM is a mindset and a method for problem-solving.

Take a closer look at Race Hub’s “ACCEL: Building & Engineering” program and see how a racing theme can cultivate STEM literacy:

  • 🔬 Science | Understanding Physics in Racing – A Science-Based STEM Learning Experience
    Racing isn’t just about speed. When cars zoom around the track, numerous principles of physics come into play, such as dynamics, aerodynamics, and friction mechanics. In the program, children will understand how to optimize their car designs through scientific methods to achieve higher speeds and stability.
  • 💻 Technology | Embracing Technology in Racing – Digital Tools for STEM Learning
    In modern racing, technology plays a crucial role. From sensors to computer simulations, technology aids in understanding and optimizing racing cars. The children will have the opportunity to use various technological tools to improve their car designs.
  • 🏗 Engineering | Engineering and Car Design – Structuring the Future of STEM Education
    Engineering is at the heart of car design. From selecting wheels to the chassis structure, every decision is based on engineering principles. The children will learn how to combine physics and innovative thinking to design their race cars.
  • 📐 Mathematics | Applied Mathematics in STEM – Solving Real-World Racing Problems
    Mathematics plays a key role in car design! Whether calculating the angle of the car or predicting performance on the track, math is indispensable. Understanding how to apply mathematical knowledge to solve real problems is necessary.

At Race Hub, our instructors are mentors, guiding children through an immersive hands-on process. Interactive exchanges and active participation are the core of our teaching philosophy. We believe in making the abstract tangible, turning complex scientific concepts into comprehensible, engaging lessons. This is where children don’t just learn; they thrive, mastering the art of digital creation with every project.

STEM education at Race Hub isn’t just about imparting knowledge; it’s about fostering a mindset. The “ACCEL: Building & Engineering” program is designed to cultivate critical problem-solving skills, encouraging children to think like innovators and act like leaders. Our racing theme provides a practical, exhilarating, and challenging platform that captures the imagination, harnesses curiosity, and equips students with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving world.

We hope every child participating in the STEM journey finds their direction and prepares for the future world!

Race Hub in Syosset is where STEM education ignites innovation in children, cultivating the problem-solvers of tomorrow. Enroll your child in “ACCEL: Building & Engineering” and watch them thrive in a stimulating environment where racing meets education.