Summer and Winter Camps for Children in Brookville NY

Summer and Winter Camps for Children

Come Join us for a truly Unique Camp Experience.

Enjoy STEM with robotics, racing and engineering simple machines. STEM may appear to be difficult, but it isn’t. Once you understand how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) interact, you’ll be able to apply for a STEM to every day activities.

Unleash your child’s natural curiosity and encourage them to become inventors! Each day, campers will have the opportunity to create their own STEM experience. Join innovative Summer and Winter Camps for Children today! With hands-on science experiments and STEM activities, the world of science and STEM can be AMAZING.

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racehub camp
racehub camp
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PXL- Race Hub

Takeaway of Race Hub’s Camp

STEM is for all ages. At Race Hub sessions are group led projects which are focused on science & engineering. Race Hub's exclusive STEM classes incorporate race tracks and robotics arena to mimic real world challenges. At Race Hub's state of the art facilities activities inspire innovation and problem-solving challenges.

Robotics and Battle Bots

An excellent way to cultivate interest in STEM as well as encourage problem solving skills, teamwork & creativity is to design, build and program working robots. Create robots that do interesting tasks such as traverse a maze, climb stairs or walls!

Over the Moon Space

Learn all about the wonders and mysteries of what lies beyond Earth. Study planets, black holes, stars, and discuss whether alien life is possible. Campers will complete many fun and engaging STEM projects including LED star circuitry and a robotic Mars rovers!

Cool Chemistry Lab

Embrace your inner mad scientist in this Crazy Chemistry camp! Conduct zany, safe experiments to learn about elements, chemical properties, and reactions! Like the combination of baking soda and vinegar, this camp is sure to be a blast!

Engineering Fundamentals

Learn engineering fundamentals through the construction of simple contraptions! Campers will design, create, and decorate moving machines out of laser cut parts. Build a spinning dancer, marble maze, and more!

Circuits and Soldering

Learn how to solder in this introductory camp. Create unique sculptures and understand simple electronic components and circuit reading to construct simple electronic projects ex. Water alarm system, DIY laser, a little piano. A great way to get kids interested in the world of electronics!

Hack it till your crack it

Hackathon is a great introduction to showcase new ideas. This activity provides a fun interactive way to problem solving. Students peel back the layers of what happens inside computers and how computers communicate with one another online.

Coding Game Creation

This session is a great way for young students to learn coding fundamentals. Students employ colorful drag-and-drop coding blocks to create customized animations and classic games.

Arts & Crafts

Get creative in this hands-on camp! Campers will learn color chemistry, a little art history too, and will leverage digital technology! They’re sure to create beautiful and unique works of art to be cherished for years to come.

Come Join us for a truly Unique Camp Experience

Each day, campers will have the opportunity to create their own STEM experience.

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Weave Magic with Robotics

Our exclusive robotics camp activities combine the joy of building and engineering robots with the understanding of AI, visual coding, and machine learning for kids and teenagers. Competitive challenges are common in these programs, in which adolescents and teens give their robots particular tasks to complete.

Camp registration is now open! We can’t wait to reintroduce your children to hands-on STEM magic, campus discovery, face-to-face fun, and courses taught by rock stars from renowned institutions.

Reserve their seat at the best tech program for children.

Diverse school children students build robotic cars using computers and coding.

Fun in the world of coding

To Level Up, Design, Code, and Play! It’s a time for youngsters to play and have fun, according to some. Others see it as an opportunity for children to improve their grades or acquire new skills – or even topics, such as painting or architecture.Coding with Race Hub’s Summer camp is a wonderful combination of fun and learning, which is why informed parents choose it for their children. Summer vacation provides children with a variety of intriguing experiments that motivate them to continue learning and exploring. Coding is not merely a difficult talent, as many people assume. Children who begin learning and practicing coding at a young age acquire greater logical, critical, and creative thinking skills.

Chemistry Experiments

Children may study outside and participate in scientific experiments. All of our camp science programs are available for nominal fees. Learn about the scientific concepts underlying the results of our wonderful summer camp science activities and experiments by following the illustrated step-by-step directions that come with each experiment. Register today to give your child the best and most productive summer ever. We assure you that we will serve you with the best of all our experiences.

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Holiday Camp or All Girl STEM Camp

$65.00$120.00 available on subscription

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Memorial Day Break STEM CAMP!

During the holiday week, May 25th & 26th from 10:00-12:30 PM, Race Hub will be offering a special 1 or 2-Day Robotics & Racing Camp for 1st through 5th graders. Race Hub will provide the necessary materials to acquire technical skills within Robotics. This clinic will apply fun, hands-on projects to get your child’s creative juices flowing. This camp will provide the fundamental knowledge to begin their robotics journey.

The sessions will cover STEM Activities:

  • How Robots Move?
  • What Robots do?
  • Design & Build a Robot
  • Programming a Robot
  • Showcase/Present the robot which you have built
  • Build and Design a Race Car
  • Race Car’s on (1/24th scaled) specialized road course and drag strip

All Girl STEM Camp sessions will cover STEM Activities:

  • SLIME CHEMISTRY: Learn about the chemistry of how slime is made by making creating different types of slime
  • DESIGN & BUILD YOUR OWN DREAM CAR:  Design, prototype, and build racing cars
  • CHEMISTRY LAB: Conduct experiments and use microscopes to make new discoveries

Space is limited, sign up today!

Hours: 10:00 AM – 12:30PM (You may send lunch; we will have a 20 min break)

Grades: Grades: 1-2, Grades 3-4 & Grade 4-6

10% Sibling discount offered. (Please pay with Cash or Check)

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1-day, 2 Day


All Girl STEM, Memorial Day Camp

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  • Robotics & Battlebots
  • Coding Game Creation
  • Challenge with numbers
  • Racing with Python
  • Coding Journey: JavaScript
  • 3D Printing
  • Aerodynamics
  • Circuits & Soldering
  • Engineering Fundamentals
  • Racing: RC
  • HTML Web Design
  • AI/ML: Facial Recognition
  • Connected World: IoT
  • Physics Fanatics
  • Cool Chemistry Lab
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Racing: Slot Cars & Dragstrip
  • Energy: Solar, Wind, Renewable
  • JavaScript: AI/Games
  • Electronic Lab
  • Digital Arts and Animation